Cesar’s Poetic Process

The process is always the same.

Cesar identifies your dog’s problems,

Cesar demonstrates how to rehabilitate your dog

Cesar coaches you on how to complete the rehabilitation process.

You follow Cesar’s examples and instructions everyday.

Your dog’s social skills begin to amaze you.

Sometimes you and your dog go two steps forward and one step back.

You don’t give up.

You keep going and continue to practice what Cesar taught you.

You might have an extra coaching session or two.

You might not.

Over a few months, your dog becomes more balanced, physically and mentally.

Over a few months you become more balanced, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your dog looks proud and walks with his or her head up.

Your posture improves, and you walk with your head up and your shoulders back.

You smile at everyone you meet.

You form a bond with your dog that exceeds all expectations prior to meeting Cesar.

Your dog walks on a loose leash, right by your side.

Your hands no longer hurt from gripping the leash.

You relax and have fun on walks and hikes and trips to Starbucks.

Your dog is relaxed and has fun on walks and hikes and trips to Starbucks.

You thank everyone who tells you what a sweet dog you have.

And sometimes you tell them the story of how your dog used to be out of control,

But was cured in rehab by an incredible dog whisperer named Cesar Millan.

Jackie Hirtz 2003 ©

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