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A Dove in Dog Land

So I’m hearing a lot of activity on my patio awning, thinking that couldn’t be a million lemons falling… or a lot of squirrels taking shortcuts to the apricot tree… I go outside and there is the sweetest dove on … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “Imagining Lily and the True Story of a Therapy Dog, a Canine Memoir”

The Littlest Children Every other week we went to the Angeles Special Education School where we visited the pre-kindergarten class, the littlest children. The kids were darling, and I loved them all. Some couldn’t speak or walk on their own, … Continue reading

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Cesar’s Poetic Process

The process is always the same. Cesar identifies your dog’s problems, Cesar demonstrates how to rehabilitate your dog Cesar coaches you on how to complete the rehabilitation process. You follow Cesar’s examples and instructions everyday. Your dog’s social skills begin … Continue reading


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An Amazing Thing, This Human-Animal Connection

Thanks for visiting. This space will evolve soon. Meanwhile,  read all about therapy dogs and how they can help improve the lives of people in need of a little unconditional love.

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