Seems Like All My Friends Love Animals


This is from Marcy Winograd who loves animals and has welcomed many rescue dogs and cats into her home over the years. Marcy is the only congressional candidate I know of who crafted an animal welfare policy as part of her platform.

Meet Roxy, the dog who went blind from cataracts, until her grandmother (of the human sort) paid $5,000 for surgery to have the cataracts removed.  Voila, now Roxy no longer falls off ledges or walks into tables. When we took her in to the vet, she couldn’t see a thing, just shadows and barely those.  When we brought her home, her eyes danced with wonder.

As for the others in the photo …
Cayenne, the spicy orange cat, disdains aerobics and rarely moves.

Sunnyman, the tuxedo feline, is known as “The King” because he rules the house and gets whatever he wants — including chunks of cantaloupe.

~Marcy Winograd

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