Congratulations Sheppy!



Shepzel, Dr. Judith Bin-Nun’s youngest Brussels Griffon, passed his Delta Society Pet Partner® evaluation today. Way to go Sheppy!

Sheppy now joins his older sisters, Raizel and Ketzel, on the PAC team at UCLA (the wonderful People Animal Connection, Directed by Jack Barron Jr.) visiting patients in the hospital.

“This little 18 month-old, nine pound guy is going to help make the world a brighter place by bringing smiles to patients in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, as well as to children hospitalized in the pediatric units,” said Judy.

For over a decade, my friend Judy and I have been Delta Society members, working with our therapy dogs to further the human-animal bond by providing comfort and support to adults, teens and children who are sick, at-risk or simply in need of a friendly visit from a caring Pet Partner team.

No doubt Sheppy will model his excellent therapy dog behavior for his little friend Ella Rosebud, A.K.A. my New Puppy, so that she, too, will pass her test one day in the near future.

Good luck to Sheppy as he embarks on his new career as therapy dog extraordinaire!

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1 Response to Congratulations Sheppy!

  1. Rob Hernandez says:

    Awe, congratulations to Sheppy. I’m certain he’ll be an excellent therapy dog. I’m also so sure he’s anxiously waiting for his BFF, Ella Rose, to to join him on visits.
    Way to go kids!

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