Airport Dog!

As a veteran Delta Society Pet Partner, I’ve seen how a visit from a friendly dog can help soothe an anxious person, bring a moment of joy to someone experiencing sadness, or simply provide a nice break in the midst of a boring or a hectic day. So when I read this article about therapy dogs at Mineta San Jose International Airport, I thought – how perfect! From the place that’s brought us a multitude of innovative ideas and tech solutions – add airport therapy dogs to the list.

Of course when you think about it, having therapy dogs in the airport is an extension of some of the most forward-thinking high-tech companies. Google and Yahoo welcome dogs in the workplace, as do many other companies.   Smart people know that dogs can soothe the soul, make us laugh, and ease the tension. Does this correlate to creating calm and focused minds, happy employees, team-building and innovation? I’d say yes. I think the dogs would agree.

So, do therapy dogs belong at the airport? Of course! Therapy dogs are now working in hospitals, rehab facilities, assisting-living residences, schools, courtrooms, therapeutic settings, and now the airport. Are there any other public places that should offer therapy dog visits? Please let me know what you think.

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  1. I love the idea of therapy dogs helping humans in so many settings as you describe. And I enjoyed reading about all the companies that support dog-friendly workplaces. Thanks for sharing!

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