How a Single Photo Can Save a Shelter Dog’s Life

From sad to glad, gorgeous, cute, sweet, and best of all… adoptable!

Take a look at this wonderful idea… a guideline for shelters to follow when taking photos of pets up for adoption. See the before and after photos and read about the process… simple, easy, one two three click!

And then take a look at the organization and people behind the project One Picture Save a Life.

Kudos and puppy kisses to One Picture Saves a Life.

2010 a 099

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Closed for a Great Reason!

Why is was this animal shelter closed on Christmas?

Hint: You’ll like the answer.

Find out why here.

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Happy Update on Jeffrey and Jermaine, brother puppies…

“Over the past week, an adorable photo of two dogs cuddling with each other went viral online, as the story of the siblings — one of whom was blind and the other who appointed himself his brother’s helper — touched hearts around the world.” ~                                           Lilit Marcus

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A Most Amazing Dog Tale of True Love

“It was immediately apparent that Jeffrey was leaning on Jermaine and that Jermaine was making every effort to stay with his brother.”

According to Little, the two brothers are inseparable.

“They’re always pretty much touching each other,” Little said…

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Poet Mary Oliver Publishes ‘Dog Songs’

cimg0333.jpg““Dog Songs,” out from Penguin Press on Tuesday, is a sweet golden retriever of a book that curls up with the reader, with 35 poems and one essay about the dogs who have shared Ms. Oliver’s days.” ~ by Dana Jennings  ~  October 6, 2013 Books Section of the New York Times

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Wow! LAX Has Therapy Dogs Now

“Someone was there for them when they needed help, and now these rescue dogs walking through the terminals at LAX — offering a few minutes of stress relief to anyone who needs it — are returning the favor…” By Dennis McCarthy, The Daily Breeze

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No Kill Animal Shelters, Impossible! Think Again!


Nathan J. Winograd is my hero. He has proven that No Kill Animal Shelters are possible in every city. Take a look at his keynote speech at the No Kill Conference 2013 at the George Washington School of Law in Washington D.C.

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