Two Ways of Thinking About Good Dogs

2010 a 099Are good dogs born that way? Or… well, take a look.

And about my good dog —

I’ve been working hard to train my exuberant, happy puppy to tame her energy and greet people and dogs in a calm manner. It’s daily work for both of us, yet it’s beginning to pay off.

When people watch my dog sit when I say “sit” and lie down when I say, “lie down,” they look at me and say, “What a good dog you have, mine never listens.”

I thank them and take a moment to reflect on the work I do with my dog every day, reinforcing and rewarding her good behavior. My high energy puppy is getting it, slowly, and not always in linear fashion. Sometimes it’s two steps forward, one step back. Sometimes it’s three steps back. I press ahead knowing that one day my puppy will achieve therapy dog status. And I remember my father’s words whenever I was pursuing a goal:

“Keep going, keep going.”

Quiet, understated, meaningful.

A gift for my good dog and me.

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Consider This: a Dog as a Personal Physician

Elizabeth Landau writes for CNN,   “His name is Valor. He’s half Labrador retriever, half Great Dane, and goes everywhere with Sgt. Charles Hernandez. But Valor is more than a pet — Hernandez considers the dog a personal physician…” Dogs: A medicine for mental health problems?

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Great Info! How to Examine Your Dog

Shea Cox, DVM of offers a 4 part guide on DIY Physical Exam: An “owner’s manual” for your dog. Thank you Shea!

Shea Cox, DVM | August 23, 2012


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A True Animal Hero (Make that Two Animal Heroes)

Nathan J. Winograd, Stanford Law School graduate, is a real-life hero for animals. Among his numerous and amazing accomplishments, he made a documentary film. Watch the trailer. Was Henry Bergh, a 19th Century animal advocate the Nathan J. Winograd of his time? Follow Nathan on Twitter @nwinograd

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Just One Day…

“On June 11, we asked shelters across the country to stop killing so that we can become a No Kill nation for Just One Day. We challenged them to put down the “euthanasia needles” and pick up cameras instead: to photograph, market and promote animals for adoption. Almost 800 answered the call. Shelters normally closed on Monday stayed open. Others extended their hours. The result: The safest day for homeless animals this century.” ~ Nathan Winograd

Read the rest of Nathan Winograd’s message about a No Kill Nation for Just One Day.  It will make you think, weep, jump for joy and act!

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Dogs on the Titanic

Twelve dogs were on the Titanic and three survived. Take a look at this exhibit at the Widener University Art Gallery in Philadelphia.

“There is such a special bond between people and their pets. For many, they are considered to be family members,” Edgette said. “I don’t think any Titanic exhibit has examined that relationship and recognized those loyal family pets that also lost their lives on the cruise.” — J. Joseph Edgette, Ph.D., professor emeritus of education and folklorist emeritus at Widener, Producer and Curator of the Exhibit. News and Events at Widener University

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The Story of Wonder Dog – A Golden Retriever

A boy and his dog, but so much more… This New York Times Magazine story by Melissa Fay Greene, is a must-read for anyone involved with animal-assisted therapy or service dogs — Wonder Dog.

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A Great Therapy Dog Story for the New Year

Dogs are the ultimate practitioners of mindfulness — of the canine kind. They are grateful for each day, each moment, and that’s where they live, love, share and give back. Dobie is an example. Read his story, it will make your day.

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Second Chances for Kids and Dogs

Washington Middle School, in Steinbeck country, knows how to help make the world a better place for at-risk students and rescue dogs. Hooray for Salinas, CA.

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Beagles from Spain Get the Best Gift of Their Lives!

Watch NBC’s video of the Beagle Freedom Project. If you love dogs and believe that animals deserve our kindness and care, you will like this story.

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